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SnapMe. is the camera app used by all of your favourite Stars to get that perfect shot every time. Setting up a photo shoot has never been easier, select 3 simple settings Y Voila.

We all know that getting the perfect selfie can be difficult especially when you want to be precise, have family members or pets are involved. So imagine if you could customise your camera to take a specific amount of pictures and the time between each shot!! With Snapme You will be able to create the perfect environment to achieve that perfect photograph every time. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

Simply choose the delay, choose the picture amount and then the time between each photo
You are now ready to take multiple photos in one click with plenty of time to get into position. An easy and efficient way to get that perfect family photo, A group pic of your night out with friends, or that awe inspiring model shot.

Whatever style of photo it may be, with the SnapMe you always achieve the perfect post ready shots with no stress or time wasting!

Ai Is Coming Soon!!

We are already working on New Features and due to your feedback we are implementing some amazing new Ai features into Snapme. Imagine being able to give yourself bigger lips or a more prominent Jawline before and during a photoshoot!! Imagine changing your hair colour or even adding make up!!

Well we listened and we are working away to get this finished straight away so have fun taking some great Snaps, the wait won't be long.

Thanks for your support

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